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Discover the 9 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent People

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Have you ever wondered what makes some people handle life’s ups and downs so gracefully? The secret isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, but rather how they manage their emotions. Let’s explore the 9 habits of emotionally successful people, who show us how to be at peace with our mind and body, and live life to the fullest!

They Embrace Self-Love

Emotionally successful people are their own best friends. They give themselves a big hug and say, “I’m awesome just the way I am!” They know that nobody’s perfect and everyone messes up sometimes. Instead of getting upset about their boo-boos, they say, “Oops, I made a mistake. What can I learn from this?” They turn their slip-ups into life lessons. Just like a superhero uses their powers for good, emotionally successful people use their mistakes to become even better. And that’s pretty cool, don’t you think?

They Practice Mindfulness

You know when you’re so focused on something that you forget about everything else? That’s kind of what mindfulness is. Emotionally successful people do this on purpose! They set aside time just to be in the “now.” Like, they could just be looking at a pretty flower and thinking about how awesome that flower is. Or maybe they’re eating the yummiest pizza slice ever, and they’re really savoring every cheesy, saucy bite. They don’t let pesky thoughts about homework or chores get in the way of these good times. This helps them find some chill in the middle of a busy, noisy day. It’s like taking a mini vacation without even leaving your room!

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They Express Gratitude

Ever play that game where you count all the good things that happened in your day? That’s a lot like what emotionally successful people do. But they don’t just do it as a game, they do it all the time! When they wake up, they might say, “Wow, I’m so lucky to have this comfy bed.” Or when they’re eating breakfast, they could say, “This cereal is so delicious, I’m grateful to have it!” They know that even on the toughest days, there are always things to be thankful for, like having a roof over their head or a good friend who tells funny jokes. And guess what? This habit of saying “thank you” to life helps them feel happier and more positive. So, next time you’re having a rough day, why not give it a try? Start counting all the good stuff in your life. It’s like a happiness booster!

They Understand and Accept Their Emotions

Ever had a day where you felt really, really happy? Or maybe a day when you felt super sad? Well, emotionally successful people know that it’s totally okay to have days like these. They don’t try to hide their feelings, or pretend they’re not there. Instead, they say, “Okay, I’m feeling really excited because I aced my math test!” or “I’m feeling sad because my best friend moved away.” They don’t judge their emotions or think some feelings are good and some are bad. All feelings are just… feelings. They’re all part of being human. And by understanding their feelings, emotionally successful people can deal with them in a smart way. So, next time you’re feeling a big emotion, remember it’s okay to feel that way. Just like a detective, you can investigate it and figure out the best way to handle it. You’re in charge of your feelings, not the other way around!

They Cultivate Healthy Relationships

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Think about your best buddies. They’re probably the ones who stick by you, right? They cheer you on when you do great, give you a shoulder to cry on when you’re down, and share lots of laughs with you. That’s exactly the kind of relationships emotionally successful people build. They pick their friends carefully, choosing those who are nice, kind, and caring. They avoid people who make them feel bad or use mean words. And it’s not just about getting love and support, but giving it back too. They’re always there for their friends, just like their friends are there for them. So remember, a great friendship is like a seesaw. It’s all about balance. Be a good friend, and you’ll have good friends! Isn’t that awesome?

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They Forgive and Let Go

Imagine carrying a heavy backpack all day, every day. Pretty tiring, right? That’s what it feels like to hold on to angry feelings. Emotionally successful people know that staying mad or upset only makes them feel yucky. So, they choose to forgive, like saying, “I’m not going to stay mad at you anymore.” And they also let go, as if they’re setting down that heavy backpack. They understand that forgiving doesn’t mean forgetting, or letting people be mean to them over and over. No way! It just means they’re not going to let the upset feelings stay in charge. It’s not always easy to forgive and let go, but it’s a lot better than carrying around that heavy backpack of anger, don’t you think? So, next time someone upsets you, think about whether you want to carry that weight. Remember, you’re in control of your feelings. Letting go could make you feel a whole lot lighter!

They Care for Their Physical Health

Just like you have to take care of your favorite toy or pet, emotionally successful people take care of their bodies! They know that their bodies are like a special kind of machine that needs good fuel and rest to work well. So, they eat healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and proteins instead of too much candy or junk food. They get their bodies moving by playing sports, dancing, or even just walking the dog. And when it’s time to recharge, they make sure to get a good night’s sleep, because even machines need to rest, right? They know that when they take care of their bodies, their minds work better too. It’s like having a super clean room, it just feels good! So, taking care of your physical health is like giving your mind and body a high-five! It helps you feel good, think clearly, and be ready for whatever comes your way. Pretty cool, huh?

They Pursue Their Passions

Ever seen a kid playing with their favorite toy, totally lost in their own world? That’s how emotionally successful people feel when they’re doing what they love. It could be anything, from painting beautiful pictures to playing an instrument, or even playing with their pet! They make sure to make some time for it, no matter how busy they are. It’s like having a special treat after a long day. This isn’t just for fun, you know. When they do things they love, it lights them up from the inside, kind of like a glow-in-the-dark star! And this glow helps them handle tough times better, because they’ve got something that makes them super happy. So, think about what makes you happiest. Make sure you do it, and watch your glow shine bright!

They Practice Positivity

Did you know that thinking happy thoughts can make tough times a little easier? That’s exactly what emotionally successful people do. They always look for the silver lining in a cloudy situation. Let’s say they’re having a not-so-great day. Instead of getting down in the dumps, they say, “Well, at least I learned something new today!” or “Even though I didn’t win the game, I had a lot of fun playing.” They believe in themselves, knowing they can handle whatever comes their way. It’s like being a superhero with a secret power: positivity! This superpower helps them stay strong and keep going, no matter what. So, the next time something hard happens, try putting on your positivity superhero cape. You might be surprised at how much easier things feel! Remember, a positive mind leads to a positive life. Keep shining, superheroes!


So, there you go! Those are the 9 awesome habits of people who are really good at handling their feelings. They really love themselves, they take time to live in the moment, and they’re always saying “thanks” to life. They get their feelings, they make sure their friends are cool, and they’re good at saying “sorry” and “goodbye” to ouchy feelings. They keep their bodies healthy and fit, they do what makes them happiest, and they’re always looking for the sunny side of things. And the best part? They’re super happy and fulfilled because of these habits! So, why don’t we try to be like them? We all deserve to be big winners at this feelings game, don’t we? Let’s go for it!

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